Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Reversing Diabetes

If you're like me, you likely have believed the conventional wisdom that once a person develops Type 2 diabetes they are stuck with it for life.  This feels to me like a terribly sad life sentence.
So, I've been really encouraged lately to come across the idea that this is not necessarily so!  This reminds me of the saying, "An idea whose time has come...."  For me at least, this idea's time has come.

Yesterday I read an article read it here about 20 foods that reverse diabetes type 2.  I got so excited I ran into my kitchen and started pulling out the ones that I had.  I made my family come view our assembled bounty.

Twenty Foods
I'm adding my own comments about some of these foods.
15 Foods that Reverse Diabetes:  The little bottle is green tea concentrate from  the Body Ecology website.   The big white bottle is coconut oil.
1.     Maple syrup- Wow!  A sweetener that doesn't harm diabetics.  
2.    Tumeric- I get mine in capsules from, the site's supplements store.
3.    Fenugreek-  Oops.  I don't have any fenugreek.  
4.    Omega 3 fatty acids (from fish)- Make sure you get good quality.  They are not all the same.  You might check out the krill oil in mercola's store, or go to this pharmaceutical grade fish oil.  
5.     Dark, raw chocolate- My favorite!  I like the cacao from  Longevity Warehouse.  There are several good choices (powder, paste, nibs, beans).  
6.      Coffee- Unlike most people living in the western hemisphere, we don't have any coffee in our house.  If I were going to begin a coffee habit though, I'd consider how the coffee was sourced and processed.  
7.      Red wine- I don't have this one either, but I bet a lot of you do.  
    8./9./10.         Blueberries- Yea!  We have a "pick your own" blueberry farm near us, so once a year we stock up and I freeze what isn't eaten quickly.  Also, cranberries (not in the summer) and strawberries- yes in my fridge now.  
    11.     Cherries-  None here at the moment. 
    My best cherry memory?  When in college I lived for a summer with a family in Tuscany and tutored their children in English.  They had a small farm behind their house and I was there when the cherry tree fruit was ready to eat.  They were wonderful of course, and I could eat as many as I wanted.  Sandro, their son, climbed up into the tree every day and sat there happily eating cherries.     
    12.  Beans-  Plenty of these.
    13.  Coconut oil-  Yes!  Yes!  If you are "new" to the idea that coconut oil is a healthy food, I encourage you to visit the web site for Tropical Traditions.  I use their  Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil .  If you'd like larger quantities, they have several options.  Here is the link to their 1 gallon pail of coconut oil.  If you order from one of the previous links you will receive their book about the benefits of coconut oil, which also includes recipes.  Or you can order the book, Virgin Coconut Oil from Amazon 
    14./15.  Walnuts and Almonds -  I have these and other nuts.  It's hard to find a source of raw almonds these days. (The store labels that say "raw" really mean "pasteurized".)  I purchased mine as part of a group buy from Green Smoothie Girl.  I also soak my almonds in salt water, then dehydrate them in an Excalibur dehydrator.  This makes them easier to digest, and very yummy. 
    16.  Buckwheat-  Yes, I have this, but I don't enjoy it very much.  I don't do much baking, but I do like to add some buckwheat flour when I make pancakes.
    17.  Cinnamon- Yes.
    18./19.  Green tea and Black tea- Yes and yes.  I mainly drink the green and my husband drinks the black.  I think though if you are adding tons of cane sugar, then the benefits it may have of helping to reverse diabetes would be negated.
    20.  Seaweed- I like to add seaweeds to my winter soups.  They are prized for their rich mineral contents.  One brand that I use is named "Emerald Cove" like this blog.

    For more about reversing diabetes, you can't beat the documentary, Raw for 30 days .  And here is another story of a man who reversed his diabetes after learning that he had the ability to change his life, Marching Against Diabetes.

    Recently, I've been asked what I know about preventing and recovering from cancer, so I'll post about that soon.  Again, what I know is what I learn from other people and from my own experience.  I have a long list of resources on this topic which I've been compiling for years.  Hopefully it will be helpful to someone who reads this blog.


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